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Trym Ivar Bergsmo
A Hurtigruten ship in the Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway - Trym Ivar Bergsmo
On a Hurtigruten cruise, you can choose to take part in a number activities and excursions on the way, for example dog sledding - Hurtigruten
To try fresh, Norwegian cuisine is a big part of the Hurtigruten experience - Hurtigruten
Join a kayak excursion on your Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage in Norway - Hurtigruten
Enjoy a trip in a fast but safe and sturdy RIB-boat along the coast of Norway - Hurtigruten
The midnight sun at North Cape, Norway - altafoto.no
Beautiful sunset along the Norwegian coast with Hurtigruten - Hurtigruten
The Norwegian coastline has a spectacular, varied landscape - Hurtigruten
Snorre E. Aske
Hurtigruten in the fairytale surrounding of Raftsundet, Northern Norway - Snorre E. Aske
Experience the midnight sun with Hurtigruten in Northern Norway - Hurtigruten
Remember to bring your camera on your Hurtigruten cruise - Hurtigruten
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Norway's celebrated 'Hurtigruten route'

While big cruise ships only scratch the surface of Norway’s intricate and rugged coastline, there is a vibrant, stunningly beautiful coastal route traveled only by the ships of Hurtigruten. Each departure is a purposeful voyage of exploration, providing travelers an unrivaled blend of local encounters, spectacular scenery and unique, active experiences. These voyages last from six to twelve days and cover over 1,000 miles of pristine, sheltered waterways.

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Explore Northern Norway

Hurtigruten is the ultimate way to explore the land of the midnight sun – most of its ports of call are above the Arctic Circle, giving you a fabulous opportunity to experience the variety the landscape has to offer. Each departure is a purposeful voyage of exploration, providing travelers an unrivaled blend of local encounters, spectacular scenery and unique, active experiences. 


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Unspecified Cabin Guarantee Offer

Get the lowest fare available on selected Hurtigruten departures today. Your reservation is guaranteed within your chosen category (Inside or Outside cabin). By allowing us the flexibility of assigning your cabin within the selected category, you will get one of the very best values available.

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See the Midnight Sun in Northern Norway

For several weeks in the summer, the sun does not set in large parts of Northern Norway. The midnight sun changes character depending on how far north you venture. If you go all the way to Svalbard, you may experience full daylight in the middle of the night, around the North Cape you will see golden tones over the sea and further south it appears more reddish.

The locals know how to make the most of the light during the summer – there are plenty of festivals in the summer that keep going way beyond midnight, and you will probably find many places buzzing with energy around the clock in general. 

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Add Arctic adventures

From arctic excursions to pure relaxation – Northern Norway has it all. Find the activities that fits your pace and personality, from cycling, hiking and Arctic wildlife to cultural events and pure relaxation. Find your adventure here.


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Scott Sporleder/Matador Network/FjordNorway
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Hurtigruten brochures

A Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage is unlike any cruise you have experienced before. Each departure is a purposeful lifeline between the cities and villages along the Norwegian coast. It is the only way to travel the entire length of Norway’s pristine coastal waterways and a great opportunity to explore stunning fjords and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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