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Bård Løken
Fly direct to Tromsø with Norwegian to explore city packed with culture and history, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands - Bård Løken
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The coast along Northern Norway is a paradise for anyone who loves kayaking - CH - Visitnorway.com
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The Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø is a landmark situated in the city's most popular recreation area - CH - Visitnorway.com
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Fly direct to Tromsø with Norwegian

Reach Tromsø in Northern Norway with Norwegian's direct flight from £72.00* one way and enjoy easy air travel and one of the most modern fleet.

Fly with Norwegian to other destinations in Northern Norway

In addition to the direct flights to Tromsø, Norwegian operates several flights to several destinations in Northern Norway. 

There are also direct flights from London-Gatwick, Edinburgh and Manchester to Oslo, where it is easy to change flights to one of the many domestic connections to Arctic Norway.

Norwegian offers direct flights from Oslo to the following airports:

  • Bodø
  • Harstad/Narvik
  • Bardufoss
  • Tromsø
  • Alta
  • Kirkenes
  • Longyearbyen



Free Wi-Fi

You can enjoy free Wi-Fi on most flights with Norwegian.

Best low-cost carrier of the year

Norwegian is the proud winner of the Sky Trax World Airline Award for Europe's best low-cost carrier of the year 2014. This prestigious award is chosen by the passengers themselves, who could vote for over 200 airlines.



* Fares are based on the lowest one way fare, including taxes and charges. Subject to availability.

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