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Terje Rakke Nordic Life AS Visitnorway
Fly direct to Trøndelag if you want to try dog sledding in the quaint town of Røros - Terje Rakke Nordic Life AS Visitnorway
Øyvind Schei
Røros in Trøndelag, Norway, is a real winter wonderland with lots of snow - Øyvind Schei
Bring the whole family to Trondheim in Norway this winter – it is great for the kids - CH/Visitnorway
Terje Rakke Nordic Life AS Visitnorway
Røros in central Norway is a UNESCO heritage site - Terje Rakke Nordic Life AS Visitnorway
Øyvind Schei
Trondheim was founded by Vikings in 997. Today it is Norway's third largest city - Øyvind Schei
High quality, low prices – Norwegian is the best way to travel to Norway - norwegian.no
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Direct to Trøndelag

Fly from London Gatwick to Trondheim from only £49,90*. Explore the city and beyond – Vikings in Stiklestad, quaint Røros and coastal fishing villages.

From history and culture to nature and outdoor activities in stunning surroundings, Trøndelag represents real Scandinavia in many ways. Some of the most important events in Norway's history took place in the Trøndelag region, and the coastal area offers outstanding deep-sea fishing and fun activities like eagle safari and kayaking.

Lively Trondheim

Trondheim is the ideal starting point for a visit to the region. The city was founded by the Viking king Olav Tryggvason in 997 and was the capital of Norway for 200 years. Today it is Norway's third biggest city with a population of almost 200,000 and many exciting museums, charming small shops and innovative restaurants. The Nidelven River winds its way through the city centre, passing the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral (built 1070-1300), the old district of Bakklandet and long rows of brightly coloured wharves.

The World Heritage Site of Røros

The quaint mountain town of Røros has more than 100 old wooden buildings, which were built in the mid-17th century when the copper mines were founded. Røros is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Explore galleries, cafés and craft shops in the town’s backyards and sample locally produced reindeer, sausages, ham and cheese. Røros has also won several awards for sustainable tourism development.

Vikings and pilgrims in Stiklestad

Stiklestad is known as the birthplace of Norway. This is where St. Olav, who played a key role in the Christianisation of Norway, fell in battle. The old Pilgrims' Route to Trondheim and the Nidaros Cathedral is a European Cultural Route, on a par with the route to Santiago de Compostela. The annual St. Olav Festival features a medieval market, art exhibitions, concerts and more. Also popular is the St. Olav Drama, which is performed each year at the end of July.

The coast and coastal culture 

The coast of Trøndelag, with the islands of Hitra and Frøya to the south and the Fosen peninsula and the coast of Namdal to the north, are famous around the world for fantastic deep-sea fishing. You can also go on an eagle and seal safari or try kayaking, island hopping or diving for scallops. There is a flourishing coastal culture in several old fishing villages, for example Sør-Gjæslingan near Rørvik.

Fly direct to Trondheim from just £49,90* with Norwegian

Norwegian offers direct flights from London Gatwick to Trondheim most days of the week. The journey takes no longer than two and a half hours, and Trondheim’s airport Værnes is only 30 kilometres from central Trondheim. Discovering the heart of Norway in Trøndelag could not be easier.

* Fares are based on the cheapest one-way fare, whether outbound or return journey, including taxes and charges.

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